we are ssps missionariesWe are a Missionary Congregation of women rooted in a Trinitarian Spirituality.  As Servants of the Holy Spirit, we love and honour the Holy Spirit in a special way, centring our prayer and heart to the voice of God Holy Spirit’s inspiration. As an international Congregation we share our lives in international communities, witnessing to the presence of the Triune God in the World.

We were founded in 1989 in Steyl, Holland, by St. Arnold Janssen and Blessed Helena Stollenwerk and Hendrina Stenmans from Germany. We are at the moment about 4000 sisters working in more than 45 countries around the World.

Our common Congregational characteristics are:
  • Trinitarian Spirituality with a special emphasis on the Holy Spirit as the source of life-giving relationships.
  • International but trying to adapt to the culture of the people among whom we live.
  • Ready to be sent anywhere
  • Ready to serve.

 In our missionary task we endeavour to cooperate to the Church’s mandate of proclaiming the Good News to all the Nations. We are called to move out to places were Jesus has not yet been recognized in the people’s lives or are in need of the freedom that Jesus brings. We go to places where we are most needed and to peoples who are not being reached by others.