At the root of the missionary ideal of our founder is the glorification of the Blessed Trinity and the participation of all people in this Mystery, as he expressed in a prayer:

May the holy Triune God,
the omnipotence of the Father, the wisdom of the Son and the love of the Holy Spirit,
be known, loved and glorified by all people.

In response to the call of the Triune God we work for the building of Christian Communities, we go to places where we are most needed and to peoples who are not being reached by others. As missionaries we do not have an absolute task, rather we respond to the needs of the people we are working with, even when those needs are not only spiritual.
Therefore our work varies from working in education, bringing literacy to the unlettered, preparing leaders so that in their turn may be leaders of their own people; to working in primary health care and in clinics in hospitals and in homes for the elderly.
We work with and for those who are in the margins of our society as the slum dwellers, prisoners, migrants, refugees, outcasts, peoples who live far from modern civilization. With the poor, either materially of spiritually.

As prophetic women we work on Justice and Peace issues, defending the right of the aborigines, being a voice for those who cannot be heard, standing by the downthrown and by the powerless, carrying with the suffering people their cross. We help women to recognise and defend their dignity.
We work with street children, with youth from all walks of life, with families; in parishes and in institutions. We work in whatever situations or place where our presence is needed. We go where the Holy Spirit leads us and respond to the need the Holy Spirit presents us.