We respond and live our missionary vocation from our faith in the indwelling of the Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in our heart. In our individual daily tasks and as community we give honour and glory to God, who is One and Three, doing all what is possible to make God known, loved and glorified by all people. As Servants of the Holy Spirit we love and honour the Holy Spirit in a special way. Our life and service is oriented to giving glory to God Holy Spirit by surrendering every step, every decision and our entire life to the guidance of the Spirit. Following the spirituality of our founders we search and surrender our will to the Will of God.


Our charism is expressed in St. Arnold’s prayer: May the Holy Triune God live in our heart and in the hearts of all people. As a missionary congregation our charism is the propagation of the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ, by bearing witness through our personal and community life. In response to our missionary charism we are open to go any place where our presence is needed and respond to the needs of the people and place we are working in.